Sunday, April 01, 2012

Pixelplus Reports Increase in Revenue, Profits

Korea IT Times: It appears that Pixelplus managed to survive the difficult times and now reports improvement in its revenues and profits. The company announced its 2011 revenue of 44.7 billion won, a 77% increase over 2010 and the highest number in its whole history. The net profits of 10.8 billion won were reported.

In the past Pixelplus struggled with the release of new products, underestimated the Chinese market and was sued on patent infringement by few other companies. "The sensational popularity of the new product in the market paved the road for the company to get back on its feet."

All the troubles have been left in the past. The company won all the seven patent lawsuits. In 2007 Pixelplus developed image sensor with integrated ISP for CCTV market. In 2008 Pixelplus started selling the new imagers in China. The company successfully returned to surplus in 2009. The sales revenue reversed the downward trend, growing from 17.5 billion won in 2009 to 25.3 billion won in 2010, then to 44.7 billion won in 2011, all this after sliding down from 38.9 billion won in 2005 to 26.6 billion won in 2006, 17.3 billion won in 2007, and 16.2 billion won in 2008.

"No one disputed that Pixelplus, a South Korean developer of CMOS image sensors for various consumer electronics applications, was breathing its last. However, the company has defeated all difficulties, and is now preparing to make a new legend."


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  3. Very interesting, just been through the article. Impressive turnaround story.
    I wonder why they are still not back to be traded on the (South Korean or any other) stock market since the left the US stock market.
    Anyone whith an idea what to expect on that particular matter?

  4. Anyone still following Pixelplus? Results for Q1 2012?

    1. I have not seen Q1 earnings published. Not in English, at least.

  5. I've been in touch with the company and they say that 2012 financials will be publicly posted on the Korean DART system in mid-April 2013 (I'm not sure in what language). I'm a U.S. based shareholder who converted the PXPLY ADRs directly into Korean shares. Let's hope the company gets audited, becomes compliant and re-lists! Anyone with additional info please posts here.


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