Wednesday, October 31, 2012

e2v Announces 2MP Sensor in Sapphire Family

e2v has added the 2MP EV76C570 device to its Sapphire family of industrial CMOS sensors. A 1/1.8-inch sensor is based on 4.5um pixels. An extra effort has been spent to make it compatible with older 1.3MP sensors in Sapphire family, including the pinout, package, optical format and register banks retained to minimize customer efforts to adapt the new 2MP product.

The new sensor features:
  • Both rolling and global shutter configuration with high global shutter efficiency
  • Up to 60fps frame rate
  • 4 x separately configurable regions of interest including the possibility to programme each window with separate exposure and gain settings
  • A histogram embedded in the footer of the image data field for image statistics to reduce the processing overhead for auto exposure/gain algorithms
  • A lin/log pixel response mode for high dynamic range image capture
  • A 10 Bit parallel output which can be compressed to 8 bits using a multi-slope companding technique.

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