Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chipworks Reviews Canon DSLR Sensors

Chipworks continues its DSLR review series. The second part talks about Canon sensors, designed and manufactured by Canon itself. Canon sensor from 1DX full frame camera uses 5T pixel with no sharing. The additional transistor connecting FD in three rows is used for binning:

Canon 1DX pixel

So far Canon used 0.5um process for its full frame DSLR sensors:


  1. Every pixel design puts VSS contact inside. This is very different from small pixel design where there is no VSS contact at all. Is this for blooming reduction purpose??

  2. Maybe it is a large area chip vs. small area chip design issue, unless there is an n-layer under the active layer for VOD or NIR rejection purposes.

  3. OD can be done by using TX gate. VOD is not very useful. Holes draining should be the main reason for this VSS contact. Contact is nothing, but one metal line yes!!

  4. In Canon 1DX, it seems that there is an OD transistor. Am I right?

  5. Canon was allegedly (dont know for sure) doing Ntype substrate/N-- epi This compounded with large array size may be the reason for VSS in pixel.


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