Monday, October 01, 2012

e2v Shipped 1M Jade Sensors, Omnivision Sold 3B Sensors (Cumulatively)

In September e2v celebrated the shipping of its 1 millionth Jade CMOS sensor, a 0.5MP global shutter device. The company sees this milestone as a demonstration of its ability to manage a high volume business supply chain. Jade sensor is mainly used by Cognex for 2D barcode scanning. (thanks to GP for the correction.)

The EV76C454 is a 850 x 640 pixel CMOS sensor. Its innovative pixel design offers excellent performance in low-light conditions and it has an electronic global (true snapshot) shutter which offers a high readout speed of 60 fps in full resolution and 80 fps in VGA mode. Very low power consumption enables this device to be used in battery powered applications.

Meanwhile, Omnivision published FY2012 shareholders presentation for the year ending on Apr. 30, 2012. In a year it sold 615M units and cumulatively 3B units:


  1. There’s a slight misinterpretation on the e2v Jade sensor info:
    This product is not sold to Cognex.
    Cognex use e2v’s EV76C560 standard product (Sapphire 1.3MP).


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