Monday, October 22, 2012

Truesense Imaging Announces 1080p60 CCD with 7.4um Pixels and More

Truesense Imaging launches 1080p and 4MP CCDs based on 7.4um pixels. The KAI-02170 CCD is a 1” optical format device in 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution supporting frame rates up to 60 fps ( with 4 outputs), while the KAI-04070 provides 4MP (2048 x 2048) resolution in a 4/3 optical format at up to 28 fps. When compared to a 5.5um pixel, signal-to-noise and low light performance in 7.4um platform have been enhanced through an 80% increase in light gathering capability of the pixel, and smear rejection has been improved four-fold to -115 dB. Dynamic range has been doubled to 70 dB, and can be extended even further to 82 dB in binned pixel operation.

The KAI-02170 and KAI-04070 CCDs are sampling today, with a full evaluation kit available that allows the performance of the new devices to be examined in detail. Truesense blog tells more about the placement of the new devices in the company's product line.


  1. Usually people are shrinking the pixel, and then bragging about beating the performance of the larger pixel - not the other way around. Not very impressive that they made a larger pixel with better performance.

    I'm curious what is the market for these sensors, especially in regards to the optical format. The 1" and 4/3 format are used in "prosumer" type mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. However, these sensors are definitely not spec'd for that type of camera. What other markets are using these optical formats?


    1. There have been announcement about the Micro 4/3 camera from SVS-Vistek with KAI CCD sensor by Truesence Imaging for robotics and surveillance:

  2. Can these sensors competite with sCMOS in terms of low light performance??

  3. 1" HDTV CCD imager ... isn't that the same as what Philips did 25 years ago ? If I remember well, Philips realized 60 fps with only 2 outputs and demonstrated their device in HDTV broadcast cameras 20 years ago at the Olympics in Barcelona.

  4. Some people need a solid frame of a CCD.


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