Saturday, October 20, 2012

Image Sensors at Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection

Fraunhofer International Symposium on Microoptical Imaging and Projection has many presentations directly or indirectly related to image sensors:

Computational Array Cameras for the Smartphone Market
Jacques Duparré, Pelican Imaging Corp.

FDTD opto-electrical methodology applied to CMOS image sensor: from QE to white light
Flavien Hirigoyen, ST Microelectronics

Wafer-Level Optics for Advanced Imaging
Markus Rossi, Heptagon

High-performance, cost effictive wafer-level cameras for consumer products
Zouhair Sbiaa, Nemotek Technologies

Consumer cameras: a declining or a growth market?
Yuval Yosef, Intel

Plenoptic Superresolution
Todor Georgiev, Qualcomm

Plenoptic Camera Resolution
Andrew Lumsdaine, Indiana University

Plenoptic Image Processing
Bernd Jähne, University of Heidelberg

Array Optics
Reinhard Völkel, SUSS Microoptics

Millisecond focusing speed opens new applications for classical mobile phone camera modules
Pierre Craen, polight

The Symposium is to be held at Fraunhofer's Beutenberg Campus in Jena / Germany on November 27-29, 2012.

Thanks to AT for sending me the link!

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