Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toppan-SMIC JV Begins 12-inch CFA & ML Production

PR Newswire: SMIC announces that the first 12" CFA & micro lens array production line in mainland China has been completed and put into production by Toppan SMIC Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("TSES"), a joint venture of SMIC and Toppan. Combined with SMIC's 12" CIS wafer production line, a full 12" CIS supply chain will be established in China.

"Building a 12" color filter & micro lens array production line is an pivotal step for SMIC to create IC manufacturing supply chain and implement differentiated strategy," said Dong Cui, EVP of SMIC Investment and Strategic Business Development. "With SMIC's front-end 12" CIS wafer manufacturing line in volume production and existing domestic back-end package capacity, SMIC will build the first complete 12" CIS supply chain in China covering all the processes of front-end, middle-end and back-end to support customers with differentiated offerings and a convenient one-stop service."

"TSES, invested jointly by SMIC and Toppan, is the first company in China to manufacture and sell color filter and micro lens array used for CIS. Its 8" production line has been put into volume production for many years. The new 12" production line will further extend SMIC and TSES's business scopes," said Mike Rekuc, EVP of SMIC Worldwide Sales and Marketing.

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