Friday, June 06, 2014

TowerJazz and Genoray Announce 100um Pixel X-Ray Sensor

Business Wire: TowerJazz and Genoray announces a successful development of a CIS for medical diagnostic devices such as X-ray equipment, fluoroscopy and radiography in TowerJazz’s 0.18um CIS stitch process. The novel device which has a 100um pixel size and has a special feature to control the sensitivity of the pixel which can be applied in various types of medical equipment such as surgical C-Arms and portable X-ray machines.

This new device is a CIS detector whereas the existing market uses a silicon TFT type sensor. The advantage of CIS compared to TFT is that CIS uses active pixels so it obtains the image with less noise and helps minimize X-ray radiation exposure which is currently the biggest issue in the industry. Furthermore, Genoray’s single detector supports both CT mode and Panorama mode while the existing products in the market only support one by one (CT supports only CT mode, Panorama supports Panorama mode only). This means that by providing multi-functions through one detector, Genoray can satisfy customers who need both modes with a less expensive price point; a competitive advantage of this product.

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