Saturday, June 21, 2014

Photonis Announces Color 9.7um Pixel Sensor

New Photonis Kameleon appears to be the color version of 1.3MP 9.7um pixel Lynx sensor announced two years ago. The specs of the two sensors are nearly identical and both are aimed to night vision, homeland security, surveillance and scientific applications.


  1. On their website "", its is stated that the sensor needs 2 points NUC. Is this normal for a CMOS sensor? Normally the NUC is already integrated on the chip as CDS for a CMOS sensor, this 2 points NUC is necessary only for infrared sensors. Anyone can give some explanation please? Thanks!

    1. NUC table is not required in CMOS sensor as they do not operate at low light level.
      Low noise CMOS sensor are calibrated with a 2 points correction NUC to limit FPN at very low light level (below 100 mLux on scene).
      This operation can be done either in the sensor itself or the camera and is not temperature dependant as in a thermal sensor


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