Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tessera Brings Back Fotonation Brand

FotoNation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tessera, announces that it will once again operate under its original FotoNation name. Fotonation's software is said to be inside of more than 60% of global tier-1 smartphones. FotoNation will operate as a distinct identity of parent company Tessera Technologies.

FotoNation is now taking its advances in smartphone imaging algorithms into the growing automotive, surveillance, security, and augmented reality markets. “All manner of machines, as well as the cameras inside them, are getting smarter. As their computational power increases, the opportunity for advanced imaging technologies also increases,” said Petronel Bigioi, VP of Engineering at FotoNation. “We are enabling cars to tell the difference between sleepy and wakeful drivers, security cameras to know who is accessing a secure environment, smartphones to perform biometric authentication, and a wealth of new applications in the growing wearable-computing space.

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  1. Eran Steinberg, original founder of FN (sold to Tessera for $30M) is back inside Teserra heading this spinoff FN venture up.


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