Monday, June 09, 2014

Truesense Acquisition Story

Rochester Business Journal publishes a story on Truesense acquisition by ON Semi. Few quotes:

"Eight prospective buyers emerged to purchase Truesense, touring the company’s facilities and evaluating its online data box, said Christopher McNiffe, previous CEO of Truesense Imaging and current vice president of the image sensor business unit of ON Semiconductor... Roughly 300 people now report to McNiffe, including 50 people who work near Brussels, Belgium, a dozen in Bangalore, India, and 10 in Santa Clara, Calif."

"Under ON Semiconductor’s watch, Truesense Imaging is expected to grow, officials say."

"I see the real power of this acquisition being we have the best of both worlds," McNiffe said. "So now we can go in to a customer and we can say: ‘Here’s a broad portfolio of high-performance image sensors. Which one of these is the best fit for what you’re trying to do?’ That’s something that no one else in our industry is able to do right now."



    ON Semiconductor to Acquire Aptina Imaging

  2. Which also means that ON semi will sell to the big guys and that small companies like us will need to find another source.


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