Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sony Improves IR Response of its BSI Sensor

Sony announces 3.21MP 2.5um BSI pixel CMOS sensor IMX123LQT with improved NIR sensitivity for industrial applications. "Sensitivity in the near infrared range has been increased to 1.5 or more times that of existing models by applying technical know-how for improving sensitivity in the near infrared range developed for front-illuminated structures to the pixels of an industry-leading back-illuminated structure."

The sensor features WDR mode based on "DOL (digital overlap) drive: This function outputs up to three frames of images alternately on each line. It requires a dedicated ISP, but provides advantages such as improved characteristics in low-light environments compared to conventional WDR that uses multiple frame set output. (See photograph 3.) Multiple DOL drive settings are provided to enable control and data reception in accordance with the ISP used."

Additional WDR features are:
  1. 14-bit ADC enables a good DR from a single image
  2. Multiple frame set output function. The exposure time and the gain can be set separately for each frame. This function helps to realize WDR functions, and can also be applied to applications such as bracket shooting.
  3. Function that combines two images with different exposure times inside the image sensor and outputs the synthesized image. This function is suited to applications that aim to easily realize WDR when there is no function for combining multiple frames on the ISP side


  1. No quantification. Simply showing the QE vs. wavelength overlaid on the same graph is all that is required.

  2. How to shoot a fast action in wdr?


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