Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pixart Introduces CIS-based Heart Rate Monitor

PR Newswire: Pixart keeps looking for the unusual image-sensor based products. The company's PAH 8001 Heart Rate Monitor integrates a unique CMOS sensor with a LED in a single package. The PAH 8001 uses photoplethysmogram (PPG) technique which passes a green LED light wave into the skin and measures the response change caused by the absorption due to the pulsating arterial blood. The actual measurement is done using a small CMOS Pixel Array and the output data can be used to not only monitor heart rate, but also body stress level, etc.

The Pixart's PAH 8001 is said to be the industry's smallest form factor device with low power consumption. Human trial testing results with the PAH 8001 device closely matches the accuracy obtained using a Medical heart rate measurement system, but packaged in a tiny 3mm x 5mm module and consumes 1.5mA (typ). When used while performing a high impact activity such as running or jogging, the initial testing data shows the accuracy to be within +/-5BPM for speeds up to 8km/h.

"PixArt Imaging is the current market leader in optical mice, but the core technologies (CMOS imaging, optical and system integration) are now enabling the development of new and emerging innovative applications being introduced into the marketplace." said Dennis Lo, President, PixArt Imaging USA. "This heart rate monitor sensor is just the beginning of a line of healthcare monitoring solutions that we will be introducing this year."

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