Sunday, July 13, 2014

Light Startup Gets $9.7M Funding

IEEE Spectrum: Palo Alto-based startup Light closed a $9.7M round of venture funding. The stealth-mode startup presents itself as "a team of creative technologists on a mission to reimagine the art and science of photography."

Light occupies the same address as Tinz Optics company, and Tinz URL redirects to Light, so IEEE Spectrum speculates that Tinz morphed into Light. Rajiv Laroia, an IEEE Fellow, was in 2013 identifying himself as a founder of Tinz Optics, "a company developing technology that miniaturizes lenses/cameras while preserving the quality."

Thanks to DM for the link!

Update: Re/Code got an email from Light CEO Dave Grannan: "The last major technological breakthrough in photography was the move from analog to digital, when traditional film was replaced by a digital sensor. Creation and consumption of photography have innovated, incrementally, around this, but there hasn’t been a real ground-up change in the way we think about the photograph. We’re working on that."

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  1. Another pelican. Big money, big people but no results.


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