Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FLIR Announces Availability of its Low Cost Thermal Imager

Marketwired: FLIR announces that the FLIR ONE thermal imaging accessory for smartphones will be available on July 23 for pre-order online at FLIR.com/FLIRONE. The award-winning FLIR ONE transforms an iPhone 5 or 5s into a thermal imager. When paired with its iPhone app, FLIR ONE displays live infrared imagery that allows the user to see the world from a thermal perspective. FLIR ONE will also be available to buy in Apple Stores and on Apple.com in August.

A Youtube commercial explains why average consumer needs thermal camera:

Thanks to SF for the news.


  1. what is the price for this iPhone add-on please?

  2. $349.00 according to the pre-order form.
    No resolution is shown but it is 80 x 60.

    1. They use what FLIR calls "MSX" Technology where they take a high resolution visible Image and blend it with a very low resolution Thermal Image to make a high resolution Image with rainbow colored blobs (which make not align exactly) overlaid.

      The range and resolution is very limited. House sized objects (leaking a lot of heat) can be seen from a stones throw away but don't expect to see animals in the woods or for this $350 device to be a massive breakthrough (and replace all prior equipment costing over $20K.

      It depends how old you are, or exactly how good you expect this to be, to determine the enjoyment you will derive from it. It is most likely a waste of $350. Money better spent on their next-in-line low cost 'Thermal Device' (which FLIR charges about 3x as much for).

  3. Are these shipping?


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