Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rumor: Sony to Announce 22MP Curved Sensor for Mobile Applications

Sony Alpha Rumors quotes Chinese cnBeta site with specs of the first Sony curved image sensor - a 22MP 2/3-inch IMX271SMK and based on it camera module. One of the interesting features of the rumored sensor is rectangular pixels - "Oversampling (2-in-1 Logic physical pixel pixel, without guessing color)":

DPReview quotes another rumor from Chinese website saying that the next generation Sony Xperia Z3X smartphone is to feature the IMX271SMK curved sensor and is scheduled to appear on the market sometime in 2015. The camera phone lens is unusually bright at F1.2.


  1. The sensor measurements don't make sense (14.7mm by 11mm, yet diagonal 6.67mm).
    The ISO-figures are weird. Sensitivity in dB?

    And the lens specs are weird too...

    April fools?

  2. I'm not convinved this isn't fake. It looks like it was put together in Excel with multiple grammatical and technical errors.

    For example,

    "diagonal 6.67mm (type 2/3")"

    type 1/2.7" is around 6.7mm not type 2/3" Perhaps they mean type 1/2.3" but that's a diagonal of 7.6mm.

    "Angle of view 94° (35mm equivalent)"

    Angle of view in degrees is now dependent on film size?

    "Item 7.8mm f/1.2" seems to contradict the lens specs that follow : it would be slightly tele of normal on a 6.7mm sensor not "20mm eq"

    1. If the pixel count is 7680 by 2880 and the pixel size is 1.92u by 3.84u, the array size would be 14.75mm by 11.06mm, and the diameter would be 18.43mm, with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

      Should the final image size be 7680 by 5760 after interpolation (44MP)? Very confusing indeed.

  3. The lens specs above are not for a camera that would be used in anything resembling a normal phone. That lens is a DSC lens (teleconverter, screw on filter, adjustable aperture).

    Of course, that doesn't disprove the Z3X phone rumor, as that could use the same sensor with a different, mobile-specific lens.

  4. Iphone 6 with curved sensor ;) ?


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