Saturday, July 12, 2014

Forza Releases PTC ImageJ Plugin into Open Access

Inspired by Albert Theuwissen's PTC courses, Forza Silicon releases PTC plugin for NIH ImageJ freeware image viewing and analysis software package. The plugin computes the PTC, and gives a graphical plot from which the conversion gain and read noise can be fit to the PTC curve.

Talking about Forza, it has recently updated web site with a very impressive gallery of the past projects and a history page tracing the company roots to the early JPL works.


  1. Very nice but the history part needs a small tune up, and one glaring correction. While Boyle and Smith invented the CCD device, as a charge transfer device aimed at digital memory, the CCD image sensor, esp the frame transfer device used in the illustration, was invented by Mike Tompsett shortly thereafter in 1969, also at Bell Labs. In a very unfortunate misunderstanding, the citation for the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics to Boyle and Smith included the CCD image sensor. A quick search on Wikipedia or IEEE xplore will reveal more details about this controversy. Those of us working in image sensors need to get the story right, even if the population at large (including most other engineers and scientists) will always be confused by the incorrect Nobel citation. See also Mike Tompsett's keynote presentation at the 2013 IISW.

  2. Albert TheuwissenJuly 12, 2014 at 2:26 PM

    Quite nice to mention my courses, thanks !
    But the real "PTC invention" is of course not mine, but Jim Janesick's.


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