Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ambarella S5 IP Camera SoC Delivers 4K 10-bit H.265 Video

BusinessWire: Ambarella introduces the S5 SoC for 4K and multi-imager IP camera designs. The S5 offers 4K multi-exposure HDR fusion, 360° de-warp and ultra-low light processing. Maximum performance is 4Kp120 or 8Kp30 of H.264/AVC and 4Kp60 frames of H.265/HEVC, while supporting multi-streaming, rate control and transcoding functions. The S5 supports the high-quality Main10 HEVC Profile (10-bit H.265) and Ambarella’s SmartHEVC technology to reduce 4Kp30 video bitrates to between 512 Kbps and 4 Mbps. The S5 image sensor interface and its advanced 1-Gigapixel/s ISP can be configured as up to four independent sensor inputs to allow high resolution multi-imager cameras.

The S5 will play a critical role in the industry’s shift to 4K and H.265," said Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella. "With it, our partners gain a leading-edge image processor that delivers low power consumption, superior image quality, smart H.265 compression and a powerful quad-core CPU.

Ambarella low-power architecture combined with 14nm FinFET process enables 4Kp30 encoding, including DDR, at less than 1.4 Watts


  1. wow, 14nm?!! Who builds their wafers? GloFo? Samsung?

  2. Very interesting to see Samsung using it next year with new 10nm Soc chip.
    We need to see our phone capturing 4K video with HDR in H265 Main 10.


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