Saturday, April 02, 2016

iPhone SE Features Sony and Omnivision Sensors

Chipworks reverse engineering reveals that Apple iPhone SE FaceTime front-facing camera uses Omnivision 1.2MP sensor with pixel pitch of 1.75 µm. The die, which features OV2E0BNN die markings, has a size of 4.3 mm x 4.1 mm (17.6 mm2):

The rear camera contains a Sony stacked (Exmor RS) sensor with a 6.02 mm x 4.83 mm (29.1 mm2) die size. The pixel pitch is 1.22 µm, as was used for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. The decapsulated die photos from the SE and 6s Plus rear image sensors appear to be the same chip:


  1. I am curious to know who makes the OIS module for the camera. That one is extremely impressive.

    1. No OIS, only EIS on iPhone SE. Only iPhone 6S Plus has OIS.

  2. It sounds like they've dropped the 2x2 HDR cell used in the earlier front facing camera. I'm not surprised. It was very unimpressive.

  3. OV2E0B is such an old dude, they made it 2012. Iphone SE is exactly a dump trash can .


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