Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GPixel Announces 95% QE Scientific Sensor

BusinessWire: Tucsen and Gpixel launch the Dhyana 95, a 95% QE camera utilizing BSI sensor technology.

Gpixel has commenced sampling of GSENSE400BSI-TVISB, an upgrade of its existing BSI sensor. The new version of the sensor offers a high QE of 95% at 580nm.

The Dhyana 95 with 2K x 2K resolution, 11um square pixel and readout noise of only 1.3 electrons, represents a viable alternative to EMCCD based cameras.

With 100,000 electron full well capacity and 93dB dynamic range, the Dhyana 95 provides excellent image quality in high contrast applications, at up to 35fps full frame and greater than 100fps at 1K x 1K resolution. Dark noise is minimized through -25℃ cooling of the hermetic sensor chamber.

Tucsen plans to release both cooled and uncooled versions of Dhyana 95 to meet the diverse needs of a broad range of users.


  1. Is the sensor available for custom developments?

  2. It sounds like GPixel could become a formidable force against Sony in the market

  3. Everything in China is special.... :)-

  4. has someone an idea about the price ?

  5. the same chip was integrated on the PRIME95B from photometrics(price ~ 24k€)


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