Thursday, April 07, 2016

ON Semi, Omnivision Unveil Security Camera Sensors

ON Semi presents AR0237, a 1/2.7-Inch 2.1MP 1080p60 sensor for security and surveillance applications. The sensor uses DR-Pix technology with Dual Conversion Gain pixel and supports line interleaved T1/T2 readout with HDR processing in ISP chip, among other features:

PRNewswire: OmniVision announces OV9755 CameraChip HD image sensor for mainstream security, smart home, and IP cameras. The power-efficient sensor is based on 3.75um OmniPixel3-HS pixel. The 3.75um pixel is said to enable best-in-class low-light performance at 43Ke-/lux-sec and less than 0.2 lux SNR1 (the luminance value for a signal to noise ratio of 1:1). The OV9755 is currently in volume production.

"According to a recent industry report, the global smart camera market for security and surveillance applications is expected to grow from $1.93 billion today to $3.06 billion by 2020, with CMOS sensor-based cameras leading the growth," said Chris Yiu, senior marketing manager at OmniVision.

Other Omnivision announcements are design wins in Tamron camera module with OIS for security and action cameras, featuring 1/3-inch 4MP OV4689, and HiSilicon IP camera reference design with 1/3-inch 1080p30 OV2718.


  1. It seems that Sony is licensing the Aptina/ON Semi Dual Conversion Gain pixel patents for use in their most recent 24Mpx APS-C Exmor sensor (in the a6300 and Fuji XPro2). There is a clear kink in the dynamic range plots between 400 and 800 ISO.

    He rather mangels the description of Dual Conversion Gain pixels in this article but the rest of the info appears to be on the money.

  2. It's a nice OnSemi sensor. But it does not have a real HDR ISP on board. It's just outputting up to 20 bit raw data (or companded)

  3. This article is enormously off the mark. The original Aptina dual gain had nothing to do with ISO which is a function of logic in the camera. The multi-readout provides a slightly slower readout after a reset, then merges the dual readout with minor artifacts. There are about 5 methods of providing higher DR, Pinnacle is doing all of them except sensor-level multi readout.


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