Monday, April 11, 2016

Emmanuel Lubezki on Invisage QuantumCinema

Invisage quotes a part of DPReview interview with Emmanuel Lubezki, who just received his third consecutive Oscar win for The Revenant this year:

DPR: You’ve worked with InVisage, the company behind QuantumFilm, and seem very enthusiastic about what that technology can do for filmmakers and photographers. Why?

EL: When InVisage approached me and showed me their sensor technology I got very, very excited. As people would say, it’s music to my ears. Actually, it’s music to my eyes what they are doing! What they’re attempting to do is everything I’ve been looking for, and that’s why I’m so excited to work with them.

The first thing I’m excited about is the high dynamic range of QuantumFilm, but the other thing that’s important is a camera that has a global shutter as opposed to a rolling shutter. That’s something that we suffered with a bit during Gravity. When you’re doing a lot of digital effects and stitching things together, not having global shutter can become a big issue, as you guys know.


  1. Do these statements tell something about the quality of the Invisage sensors or do these statements tell something about the technical background of this gentleman ?

  2. Lubezki is one of the best cinematographers working today, but I'm afraid that he's parroting a marketing pitch. I'm sure that regular visitors remember Prix, the short film produced by Invisage to promote QuantumFilm. It looked embarrassingly bad.


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