Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chronocam Aims to Automotive Market

Nikkei reports that Bosch-baked event-driven sensor developer Chronocam has already been employed by major automakers based in Europe and the US for, as a starter, ADAS and is expected to debut in the market in 2019. The company says that its technology makes it easy to match stereo images taken by the two cameras to obtain range information at a high speed and with a low power consumption:

Chronocam stereo camera prototype for automotive applications


  1. Anyone konws which car makers use this sensor please?

  2. Still QVGA? Non-subpixel QVGA Stereo? Sure, you should be able to recognize 10 depth levels ;)
    + there is no true fundamental difference, no texture or repeating patterns => no depth

  3. I have had the privilege of seeing a demo of the sensor. Very impressive. Great work guys.

  4. Is Chronocam still using 30 um pixels? Anyone know if a devkit is available? I imagine that the clever algorithm guys will be able to get some way towards the equivalent of sub-pixel taking into account the time of each event. Andrew Davison's group at Imperial have been looking at Event Camera SLAM since around 2012.


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