Thursday, May 26, 2016

Microsoft Hololens Cameras

EETimes quotes Ilan Splillinger, CVP of HoloLens and silicon at Microsoft, revealing the company's AR glasses hardware details:

"The HoloLens sensor bar (above) packs four environmental cameras for tracking head movements and gestures used to control the display. A depth sensor is a Kinect scaled to a fraction of its size and power consumption. It supports a short range mode for tracking gestures within a meter and a long range mode for mapping the room. A 2MPixel high def video camera projects images the user sees."


  1. I doubt if the 3D sensor HoloLens is equipped with, is based on the same technology Kinect is fitted out with.

  2. actually it is... but the Kinect v2. It is using the ToF pixel based tech, adapted for low power Hololens deployment, vs full living room gaming. Though presumably you need full room depth sensing even with Hololens?


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