Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Continental Integrates ToF Camera into Steering Wheel

PRNewswire: Continental unveils a project that adds the detection zone of gestures on the steering wheel. This is possible due to a TOF sensor, which is integrated into the instrument cluster. Using this approach, the solution minimizes driver distraction and further enhances the development of the holistic human-machine interface.

By swiping up and down, the driver scrolls through the board computer menu
To select submenus of an app or to find the favorite song, the driver swipes
horizontally on the gesture panel.
By thumb double typing on the gesture panel, the music starts playing.
With a little wave of the hand the driver can accept an incoming call.
A wave with the other hand rejects it.


  1. A simple touch sensor works better!!!

  2. Why would anyone want this? This is potentially hazardous.

  3. Nice clean steering wheel - interaction concept looks to me much less hazardous than fiddling around with some tiny buttons in the middle console - and allows much more than buttons on the wheel ... wonder if they could make the complete wheel transparent

  4. Interesting that live news is shown in the driver's view (on RHS) and 45mph on the speedo.

    Now, I'm sure Continental wouldn't want any of its customers to get killed through distracted driving...


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