Monday, May 30, 2016

Particle and Photon Detection: Counting and Energy Measurement

The open-access Sensor Journal publishes a review paper "Particle and Photon Detection: Counting and Energy Measurement" by James Janesick and John Tower, SRI-Sarnoff.

"The challenges to extend photon counting into the visible/nIR wavelengths and achieve energy measurement in the UV with specific read noise requirements are discussed. Pixel flicker and random telegraph noise sources are highlighted along with various methods used in reducing their contribution on the sensor’s read noise floor. Practical requirements for quantum efficiency, charge collection efficiency, and charge transfer efficiency that interfere with photon counting performance are discussed. Lastly we will review current efforts in reducing flicker noise head-on, in hopes to drive read noise substantially below 1 carrier rms."

"we are trying a proprietary non-imaging gate oxide process offered by Jazz Semiconductor that claims to lower MOSFET 1/f RTN noise by 4 to 5 times compared to 0.18 um processing that is used now."

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  1. Very instructive paper! Thanks for sharing!


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