Monday, May 02, 2016

Frost & Sullivan Prises PMD ToF Technology

PRNewswire: Frost & Sullivan recognizes PMD with the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation. pmd's ToF technology employs a combination of its patented suppression of background illumination (SBI) technology and an on-chip application processing feature. The SBI technology distinguishes active light transmitted from the object against other non-correlated light sources such as sunlight.

The on-board application processing feature sets pmd's ToF technology apart from peer solutions, as it helps ToF sensors capture depth image without the use of a separate application processing unit. "By enabling intelligent processing of ToF images on a single chip, pmd is able to deliver an extremely efficient and high-resolution ToF system, in which the illuminator and the image sensor can be placed as close as possible," said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Karthik Vishal Lakshmanan. "This gives ToF chips an extremely small form factor for easy deployment in smartphones and tablets."

Furthermore, the resolution of pmd's ToF solution is said to be highly scalable. The imager can enable one pixel or a few pixels, up to its full capacity of 100K pixels. The ToF system can be easily tuned to any resolution in between through software control.

It will be used later this year in smartphones and tablets, from 2017 the technology will see immense application in augmented reality and virtual reality systems, and from 2018 for in-vehicle warning systems as well as vehicle navigation systems.

Significantly, as this ToF technology does not require a vast external application processor, it consumes much less power than competing solutions. This makes pmd's ToF solution well suited for low-power applications.

Owing to its technological achievements in the ToF sensors market and its ability to cultivate application opportunities, pmdtechnologies ag is said to fully earn Frost & Sullivan's 2016 European New Technology Innovation Award for 3-D ToF sensor technology.

Update: EleTimes publishes Infineon article on automotive use of its REAL3 ToF sensors, based on PMD technology.


  1. um, I have one word for Frost & Sullivan: multipath.

    Check it out. PMD and other ToF have fundamental issues which will crop up and can't be fixed.

    1. I agree. But one other important parameter to take into account is the price of this 3d technology compare to other system to enter markets like automotive, mobile, etc.


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