Thursday, May 26, 2016

Xilinx Demos its FPGA ISP Solution

Xilinx publishes a Youtube demo of its FPGA-based ISP platform:


  1. They talk about machine vision, not ISP. This is a common mix-up.
    ISP produces a visual image for viewing by humans.
    Machine vision tries to make analysis of image content: recognize objects, make measurements, etc.
    An ISP system does not necessarily provide machine vision functionality, and machine vision system does not necessarily provide ISP functionality.

    1. "ISP produces a visual image for viewing by humans." Not so fast. The image signal processor is typically a digital signal processor that does most of the basic image processing functions to convert the raw pixel data to RGB data and/or other formats and subsequent processing such as compression. It is mostly used for human-viewed camera systems but also necessary for many kinds of image acquisition never viewed by a human. These days ISP tends to contain additional functions for improving apparent image quality and other things that matter mostly to humans. Also, humans don't view the compressed data put out by an ISP - they view the decompressed image that has also gone through additional processing before being displayed.


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