Friday, May 06, 2016

Mobileye Works on 7.4MP Camera for Autonomous Driving

Mobileye quarterly earnings transcript reveals the company's plans on the new generation camera:

Amnon Shashua, Mobileye NV - Co-Founder, CTO & Chairman:

"So we have talked three sensor modalities, they are cameras, radars, and LADARS. Cameras are the only sensor that can also sense appearance, texture in addition to sensing shape. The other two sensors are primarily focused on sensing shape. Each sensor modality is anticipated to grow, cameras would be growing towards added resolution. We are working with a camera with imagery suppliers on a new design by 2019, we'll have 7.4 megapixel imagers for supporting autonomous driving."

Thanks to DS for the link!


  1. Some companies start talking about 20MP cameras now.

  2. Does Subaru EyeSight use Mobileye technology? If not, which company?

  3. Can someone elaborate on the benefit for such high resolution? Looking at existing sensors, pixels are large ones, to get the best image quality.
    Is this compatible with resolution increase?

    1. Basically if you use 2um pixel, then 7.4MP will use 29.6mm2 silicon which is not that big. But if you need 3.75um pixel, then you will need more than 100mm2, that becomes big. It depends on the sensing performance needed for ADAS.

  4. Yes, Subaru and GM uses Mobileye

  5. This is a weird statement. The current industry shift is towards bigger pixels with 4.2um. 7.4 megapixel will be quite a lot of silicon ...


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