Wednesday, May 31, 2017

TSR: Sony Holds 50% of Image Sensor Market in Value

Nikkei publishes article on Sony image sensor business saying:

"Sony will cut costs, raise production yields for new offerings and increase sales of image sensors used in automobiles. The moves aim to shield the semiconductor business from highly volatile smartphone demand.

Sony holds the leading global market share of nearly 50% in value terms for image sensors, Techno Systems Research says. But competition from No. 2 Samsung Electronics and others is growing.

TSR appears to be quite optimistic in its estimation of Sony share. Other analysts give Sony "only" 35-40% of the market.


  1. Half the value might only mean a third or less of the actual sensor business, as measured by area. That is not yet enough to dominate the business and extract the Intel like margins that Sony desperately requires.
    To dominate, Sony needs a sensor innovation that clearly sets them apart and above, something like a Foveon. Absent that, Samsung's deeper pockets are likely to prevail.

  2. Intel is facing serious competition again and their margins will sink.

  3. Watch out Omnivision and Samsung. Smart phone market already conquered by Sony. Now comes time to dominate the Automotive sector where competitors were having fun, so far. Truly survival of the fittest.


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