Wednesday, May 31, 2017

ICFO UV-to-IR Graphene Image Sensor, ICFO: Barcelona, Spain-based Institute of Photonic Sciences in collaboration with the company Graphenea develops "a high-resolution image sensor consisting of hundreds of thousands of photodetectors based on graphene and quantum dots (QD). They operated it as a digital camera that is highly sensitive to UV, visible and infrared light at the same time. This has never been achieved before with existing imaging sensors."

The paper "Broadband image sensor array based on graphene–CMOS integration" by Stijn Goossens, Gabriele Navickaite, Carles Monasterio, Shuchi Gupta, Juan José Piqueras, Raúl Pérez, Gregory Burwell, Ivan Nikitskiy, Tania Lasanta, Teresa Galán, Eric Puma, Alba Centeno, Amaia Pesquera, Amaia Zurutuza, Gerasimos Konstantatos & Frank Koppens has been published in Nature and appears to be a version of the previously published one.

The new sensor is said to be enabling unique applications, such as mobile spectrography:

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