Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NIT Demos Log Sensor with LED Flicker Suppression

New Imaging Technologies publishes a demo of its NSC1701 sensor featuring LED flicker suppression mode:


  1. what is the secret ? PWM @ 100HZ 5% is the hardest case and still works perfectly

    Great demo

  2. with a logartihmic sensor NIT can integrate almost 100% of time, they have no trade-off between dynamics and led flicker mitigation. The down side up to now for such approaches was low light sensitivity but some progress have been made in this direction and maybe NIT can move out from the niche market it had so far. Pierre Cambou - Yole Developpement

    1. A classical LOG pixel has an illumination-dependent time constant that can go to as short a time as 1us in strong light. Effectively, this means that pixel "forgets" its history beyond this time constant. This causes a sensitivity to LED flicker, just like in regular HDR sensor.

      NIT have done something differently to avoid this. I don't know what is their solution, but a special part name suggests there is some hardware solution in place.


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