Monday, June 11, 2018

Omnivision Announces New Sensors for Medical Applications

OmniVision announces the 1/11-inch OH01A HD sensor employing the 1.1um PureCel-S pixel stacked-die architecture to provide the compact size, high resolution and cost effectiveness required for the next generation of disposable and reusable endoscopes and catheters. The OH01A is the world’s first medical image sensor to provide 1280 x 800 resolution at a rate of 60 fps in a tiny 2.5 x 1.5 mm package.

As endoscopes reach further into the human body for diagnostics, surgeons require smaller image sensors with higher resolution and excellent image quality,” said Tehzeeb Gunja, principal marketing and business development manager at OmniVision. “At the same time, they need a wide viewing angle and close focus distance with low power consumption to reduce heat and improve patient comfort. The OH01A image sensor fulfills all these requirements.

Support for both MIPI and sub-LVDS output interfaces allows the OH01A to transmit image data over long distances. It also integrates one-time-programmable (OTP) memory to store manufacturing and calibration information.

The OH01A can also be autoclaved for reusable devices and sterilized for disposable ones. Samples of the OH01A are available now, and it is expected to enter volume production in Q4 2018.

OmniVision announces the 1/6-inch OV2741, a 1.4um PureCel-S pixel stacked-die sensor that extends medical image sensor family. The OV2741 provides 1080p at a rate of 60 fps and has a broadband double anti-reflective coating on its cover glass to eliminate glare, ghosting and reflections due to strong illumination.

The OV2741 is aimed to endoscopic devices used in diagnostic and surgical procedures, including airway-management (esophagoscopes, laryngoscopes, thorascopes, pleuroscopes, bronchoscopes, mediastinoscopes) and gastro-intestinal (gastroscopes, duodenoscopes, amniscopes) applications.

The OV2741’s low power consumption of just 90 mW, while operating at 60 fps and full HD resolution, keeps the distal tip of the endoscope cooler for greater patient comfort. Additionally, the OV2741 can be both autoclaved for reusable applications and sterilized for disposable ones.

Samples of the OV2741 are available now, and it is expected to enter volume production in Q3 2018.

OmniVision announces the OVMed, a mixed-signal ISP for medical, veterinarian and industrial endoscopy applications. The ISP comes in ASIC and FPGA versions.

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