Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Amazon Echo Look Includes Intel 3D Camera

PocketNow: Finally, Intel RealSense technology has been integrated into a mass market device, quite a milestone. Amazon Echo Look uses a 2D and 3D camera system and AI:

"The mic lets you easily order the Echo Look to take photos and record 6-second videos of your “daily look” to help you build “your own personal lookbook.” A 5MP camera with Intel RealSense SR300 technology for depth-sensing support, alongside special LED lighting and computer vision-based background blur, aim to “make your outfits pop”, while Amazon’s in-house AI agent uses an increasingly advanced set of skills to perform so-called “style checks.”

The feature at the very top of the Look’s key selling points can compare two outfits based on a number of factors, including color, styling, fit and current trends, providing detailed explanations of which one works best on a certain occasion.

AFTVNews checks the quality of AI-guided style suggestions:

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