Monday, June 04, 2018

Airy3D Demos RGB-3D Imager

Montreal, Canada-based Airy3D startup works to create a combined 3D and RGB sensor technology:

"DepthIQ is underpinned by a transmissive diffraction mask (TDM) made with standard semiconductor technology. TDMs take advantage of diffraction, which inherently reveals the phase and direction of light to measure depth directly. Moreover, diffraction is conservative with no light loss. This unique and globally patented solution can transform any CMOS image sensor into a 3D sensor for cameras used in numerous cutting-edge applications such as AR/VR, ADAS, drones and other UAVs, robots, and IoT, as well as next-generation smartphones.

DepthIQ is a drop in solution for existing CMOS sensors that requires no change to other hardware or assembly. Computational processing is fast and straightforward using minimal power. Both the image and depth information are captured simultaneously without any comparative analysis of multiple images or complex sensor fusion algorithms.

The company's PCT patent application WO/2017/210781 "Light Field Imaging Device and Method for Depth Acquisition and Three-Dimensional Imaging" by Jonathan Ikola Saari and Ji-Ho Cho explains the operating principles:

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