Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Samsung Cooperates with Fujifilm to Improve Color Separation

BusinessWire: Samsung introduces its new 'ISOCELL Plus' technology. The original ISOCELL circa 2013 forms a physical barrier between the neighboring pixels, reducing color crosstalk and expanding the full-well capacity.

With the introduction of ISOCELL Plus, Samsung improves isolation through an optimized pixel architecture. In the existing pixel structure, metal grids are formed over the photodiodes to reduce interference between the pixels, which can also lead to some optical loss as metals tend to reflect and/or absorb the incoming light. For ISOCELL Plus, Samsung replaced the metal barrier with an innovative new material developed by Fujifilm, minimizing optical loss and light reflection.

We value our strategic relationship with Samsung and would like to congratulate on the completion of the ISOCELL Plus development,” said Naoto Yanagihara, CVP of Fujifilm. “This development is a remarkable milestone for us as it marks the first commercialization of our new material. Through continuous cooperation with Samsung, we anticipate to bring more meaningful innovation to mobile cameras.

The new ISOCELL Plus delivers higher color fidelity along with up to a 15% enhancement in light sensitivity. The technology is said to enable pixel scaling down to 0.8┬Ám and smaller without a loss in performance.

Through close collaboration with Fujifilm, an industry leader in imaging and information technology, we have pushed the boundaries of CMOS image sensor technology even further,” said Ben K. Hur, VP of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “The ISOCELL Plus will not only enable the development of ultra-high-resolution sensors with incredibly small pixel dimensions, but also bring performance advancements for sensors with larger pixel designs.

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