Wednesday, July 08, 2020

IniVation announces Event-Based Sensor Eye Tracker

iniVation introduces the Foveator eye tracking technology. Foveator uses AI-enabled neuromorphic technology to follow your eye movements at fast speed, with high accuracy and near-zero latency. Working like a tiny version of retina and visual system, Foveator powers tracking up to 1 kHz with latency below 3 ms.
Foveator technology enables next-generation VR and AR experiences, including:
  • Foveated rendering
    Better graphics and huge improvements in battery life
  • Foveated streaming
    Save >50% of bandwidth across 4G/5G networks
  • Foveated graphics transport
    Reduce graphics bandwidth needs
  • Ultra-low-power human interaction
    Lower speeds for lightweight, all-day AR battery life
Foveator is powered by the iniVation neuromorphic Dynamic Vision Platform.


  1. Is this with Samsung?

  2. The Foveator is an iniVation product. iniVation cooperates with several hardware partners on different applications of neuromorphic Dynamic Vision Sensor technology, including Samsung, Arm, and others.


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