Saturday, July 18, 2020

Smartsens Sees Automotive Sensors as its Future Growth Engine

Smartsens talks about its strategical move to automotive imaging market:

"Autonomous Driving presents both challenges and new opportunities for the CIS industry in China. The current shipments of automotive chips show that the gap between domestic and foreign semiconductor companies remains wide and presents an ongoing challenge for Chinese companies. It is, however, an opportunity for SmartSens.

We believe that SmartSens’ strengths in the field of security system can create an advantage in moving into the automotive industry by providing superior night vision imaging performance combined with other in-vehicle electronics technologies such as LED flicker suppression technology, and PixGain HDR technology, just to name a few. In addition, SmartSens recently acquired Shenzhen-based Allchip Microelectronics, positioning us perfectly in research and development for the next-generation automotive sensor technology.

“In the past, the semiconductor business in China relied heavily on overseas technology and research. With the rise of the local semiconductor development and the maturity of domestic CIS technology in recent years, however, we are seeing a seismic shift towards China and Asia,” said Mr. [James Ouyang, the newly appointed Deputy General Manager at SmartSens.]

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  1. SmartSens low light performance is fatal problem. I heard their dark current is > 100 e/s at 60 degC.


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