Saturday, July 04, 2020

Airy3D Talk about Marketing Strategy

Paul Gallagher, VP of Strategic Marketing at Airy3D, talks about challenges and solutions in marketing of the company's 3D platform in "Episode 4: Depth Perception" of The Launch podcast.


  1. Great technology concept... but did they find a foundry that can manufacture at low temperature their complex patterns structures, directly on CMOS image sensor wafers?

    1. The "concept" has been fully realized in third-party foundries. The addition of the TDM (transmissive diffraction mask) is a back end of line process that is fully compatible with the microlens and CFA processes already in place for image sensors. AIRY3D has demonstrated this for mobile, security, and machine vision sensors, including both back- and front-illuminated CIS with the typical pixel pitch range that one encounters in each of those applications.


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