Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Trinamix Beam Profile Analysis for 3D Imaging and Material Detection

trinamiX introduces a novel technology called Beam Profile Analysis to measure distance and, simultaneously, obtain material features from projected laser spots. At the core of the technology is a new class of algorithms, which provides features derived from the analysis of the two-dimensional intensity distribution of each projected spot. These features correlate with distance and material properties and can be further processed by machine-learning approaches on mobile, embedded or PC type platforms.. A Beam Profile Analysis module can be built from components available at scale and consists of a standard CMOS camera and a dot projector.

"Beam Profile Analysis uses that spot shape using physically inspired features to directly measure distance and material information. Among the most important physical properties are the specifics of diffuse scattering (Lambertian scattering, volume scattering), laser speckles and lens convolutional properties (for example, several kinds of aberrations). In other words, Beam Profile Analysis consists of a recipe for specific periodic laser projection grids and a collection of specifically derived filter kernels and functions thereof to extract both distance and material classes."

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