Wednesday, February 17, 2021

ISSCC 2021: Albert Theuwissen's Plenary Talk

Albert Theuwissen's excellent Plenary video is available on Youtube again:

Update Feb. 22, 2021: An official ISSCC video is now posted in ISSCC channel.


  1. He could be a successful Tech YouTuber :)

  2. The video is not available.

  3. and offline again... a pity that I was too slow, but maybe the speech will be made public again in some time. So I had to chose a different ISSCC keynote with Albert for todays ergometer session ;-) And found Prof James Meindls speech of 2010 "Nanoelectronics in Retrospect, Prospect and Principle" (Albert introduced Prof. Meindl), very interesting to watch 11 years after the speech was held. In some of points image sensor relevant, the 3d stacking of 'MEMS' like layers on top of SI for example. Also the outlook towards nano particles/structures e.g. Graphene seems to be around, there are companies targeting SWIR imaging using properties of nano particles and graphene. Some topics have disappeared e.g. the nanotubes for liquid cooling of 3d chip stacks, heat seems to be less of an issue than expected in 2010.
    It seems Mr. Meindl was an inspiring personality, sad to note he passed away in 2020 (

  4. Yesterday I didn't have time to watch that video I postpone it till today - is that the sign of new times we are in?

  5. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingFebruary 17, 2021 at 8:58 PM

    A new video is on its way to be uploaded ...

  6. Excellent tangible, practical and well articulated.


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