Friday, February 05, 2021

PD Field Engineering for Fast and Complete Charge Transfer

Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, publishes an paper "A Simulation Study of Electric Field Engineering with Multi-Level Pinned Photodiodes for Fast and Complete Charge Transfer" by Hamzeh Alaibakhsh, Mohammad Azim Karami.

"In special cases such as time-of-flight imaging or large pinned photodiodes, the PPD potential well shape highly affects the charge transfer performance and should be engineered carefully. In the present work, a PPD structure named multi-level PPD is introduced and examined through simulation study. Moreover, a fast and effective way to analyze the pinning process for a lag-free design is introduced. It is concluded that the proposed PPD achieves fast and complete charge transfer without additional implementation masks or process steps. The proposed PPD is compared with a similar conventional rectangular pixel and 31% reduction in the charge transfer time is observed."

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  1. Missing a lot of important references starting from Kosonocky, Jarwal, Fraunhofer (Mahdi, Durini, Poklonskaya), STM (Tubert)...


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