Saturday, February 27, 2021

WaveTouch Sues Goodix and Huawei over Under-Screen Optical Fingerprint Patent Infringement

GizomoChina reports that UK-headquartered WaveTouch has filed claims against Goodix and Huawei over infringement on its optical fingerprint patents. WaveTouch Group Ltd. is a Joint Venture between OPDI Technologies A/S, Denmark and O-Net Communications Limited, Hong Kong. The Wavetouch technology is developed by OPDI Technologies A/S in partnership with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Denmark and Presto Engineering, Denmark.

Jørgen Korsgaard Jensen, founder of WaveTouch says that he has “always been very much in favor of establishing [a] close and good cross border relationship between Europe and China as I think the mix of different backgrounds and cultures can create innovative solutions and ideas. Today, the majority of employees in WaveTouch are employed in our Shenzhen based subsidiary and in this light it saddens me even more to see this kind of behavior disrespecting intellectual property rights.

WaveTounch news release says "We are incredibly pleased to announce, that Wavetouch’s main patent application, regarding our ultra-thin in-display fingerprint sensor technology, has now been granted in Europe. This technology has been designed for all high-end smartphones, due to the high-resolution and high contrast image of the actual fingerprint.

We expect similar grants, in the rest of the world, within a foreseeable future."

GizChina: The lawsuit is filed in a court in Dusseldorf, Germany. It's not clear which patent is in the dispute but WaveTouch has a number of patent applications on fingerprint sensor under OLED display, such as US20200285345:

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