Tuesday, May 04, 2021

NIT Presents Nanocrystal SWIR Imager

New Imaging Technologies publishes a whitepaper "Infrared sensing using nanocrystal toward on demand light matter coupling" by Eva Izquierdo, Audrey Chu, Charlie Gréboval, Gregory Vincent, David Darson, Victor Parahyba, Pierre Potet, and Emmanuel Lhuillier from Sorbonne Université, ONERA – The French Aerospace Lab, and NIT.

"Nanocrystals are semiconductor nanoparticles whose optical properties can be tuned from UV up to THz. They are used as sources of green and red light for displays, and also show exhibit promises to design low-cost infrared detectors. Coupling subwavelength optical resonators to nanocrystals film enables to design photodiodes that absorb 80% of incident light from thin (<150 nm) nanocrystal film. It thus becomes possible to overcome the constraints linked to the short diffusion lengths which result from transport by hopping within arrays of nanocrystals enabling a high photoresponse detector operating in the SWIR range."


  1. the nano-crystal band-diagrams resemble rotated French flags! Well done. xD

    1. Albert Theuwissen - Harvest ImagingMay 5, 2021 at 2:49 PM

      ... or mirrored Dutch flag, or mirrored Luxemburg flag, and maybe even others, but exactly the same as the flag of Sleeswijk-Holstein.

    2. I was just referring to French flag as NIT was French if I remember right. I believed to have read some national pride into those band diagrams


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