Monday, May 10, 2021

Omnivision to Announce 0.61um Pixel Sensor

SparrowNews quotes Chinese sources that Omnivision is about to announce OV60A sensor with 0.61um pixels.

The 1/2.8-inch 60MP OV60A is the world’s first 0.61um image sensor for mobile phone front and rear cameras. The four-in-one CFA allows near-pixel merging to deliver 15MP images with 4x the sensitivity, providing the equivalent performance of 1.22 microns for preview and native 4K video, with the additional pixels needed for EIS.

The sensor also supports a low-power mode for “always-on” sensing, which saves battery life when used in conjunction with the phone’s artificial intelligence features. The “always-on” low power modes include ambient light sensing for wake-up and low power streaming mode. The sensor also supports dual I/O voltage rails (1.8V and 1.2V) and a CPHY interface.

Here is a timeline for the renewed pixel size race:


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