Thursday, May 06, 2021

AIStorm's AI-in-Imager Uses Tower's Hi-K VIA Capacitor Memory

GlobeNewswire, BusinessWire: AIStorm and Tower announce that AIStorm’s new AI-in-Imager products will use AIStorm’s electron multiplication architecture and Tower’s Hi-K VIA capacitor memory instead of digital calculations to perform AI computation at the pixel level. This saves the silicon real estate, multiple die packaging costs and power required of competitive digital systems including eliminating the need for input digitization. The Hi-K via capacitors reside in the metal layers and thus allow the AI to be built directly into the pixel matrix without any compromise on pixel density or size.

This new imager technology opens up a whole new avenue of “always on” functionality. Instead of periodically taking a picture and interfacing with an external AI processor through complex digitization, transport and memory schemes, AIStorm’s pixel matrix is itself the processor & memory. No other technology can do that,” said Avi Strum, SVP of Sensors and Displays BU at Tower Semiconductor.

AIStorm has built mobile models, under the MantisNet & Cheetah families, that use the direct pixel coupling of the AI matrix to offer sub-100uW “always on” operation with best-in-class latencies, and post wakeup processing of up to 200 TOPs/W.


  1. Charge domain MAC operations? at what precision for claimed 200TOPs/W?

  2. Interesting, Charge domain MAC Ops?


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