Thursday, May 06, 2021

Graphene to Revolutionize Automotive Imaging?

AZOsensorsAUTOVISION Spearhead Project from the Europe-based Graphene Flagship consortium is currently creating a new graphene-based, high-resolution image sensor. The new sensor can detect a broad light spectrum from UV to SWIR.

In 2020, member organizations under the Autovision umbrella announced a technique for the growth and transfer of wafer-scale graphene that uses standard semiconductor equipment. Project members collaborated to outline a suite of camera tests designed to make the Autovision sensor compete with cutting-edge visible cameras, SWIR cameras, and LiDAR systems.

The AUTOVISION project is led by Qurv in Barcelona, and counts on the collaboration of industrial partners such Aixtron in the UK and Veoneer in Sweden, this new project will help make safe deployment of autonomous vehicles possible. Over the course of three years, the project will produce CMOS graphene quantum dot image sensors in prototype sensor systems, ready for uptake in the automotive sector. Across the duration of the project, the developing image sensor is set to take huge leaps in sensitivity, operation speed and pixel size.


  1. "...detect a bread light spectrum..."

    This must be a new type of wheat-based organic LED that I've not heard of, or perhaps a typo?


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