Thursday, May 13, 2021

Microsoft Expands its iToF Alliances with Orbbec, LG Innotek, Tempo, SpeedCargo, AgentFactory

Microsoft Azure Depth Platform keeps expanding its iToF platform and announces more customers and adopters:
Orbbec: Orbbec is partnering with Microsoft to develop a new series of high-performance 3D cameras that can run advanced depth vision algorithms using onboard computing to convert raw data into precise depth images. The camera will connect to Azure cloud, and leverage device management, data streaming and AI analytics capabilities. Designed for advanced human/machine interface, robotics, 3D scanning and surveillance use as well as gaming and other consumer applications, the first camera is expected to debut in early 2022. (PRNewswire)

LG Innotek: Daniel Bar, head of business incubation for the Silicon & Sensor's group at Microsoft, said, "LG Innotek brings world class manufacturing expertise in complex optoelectronic systems. We are excited to welcome LG Innotek to our ecosystem and accelerate time to market for 3D cameras. This is a key step towards providing easy access for computer vision developers to create 3D vision applications."
Tempo — the first home fitness system that uses 3D sensors and A.I. to analyze your motion and provide real-time rep counting.
SPEEDCARGO with Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform program aims to disrupt the air cargo and logistics industry with advanced 3D vision technologies.
Agent Factory leverages 3D sensing technologies by Microsoft in its AI solutions to advance automation, digitalization and optimization of logistics operations.

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