Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Vivo's Imaging R&D Team is 700 People Strong

Baidu digital creator Lao Hu publishes an article about camera development team and investment of one of the largest smartphone brands, Vivo:

" terms of imaging, Li Zhuo, director of vivo imaging products, revealed last year that the research and development investment in vivo imaging exceeded 20 billion yuan two years ago. In addition, vivo has established global imaging research and development centers in San Diego, Japan, Tokyo, Hangzhou, Xi'an and other places, with a team of more than 700 research and development personnel.

According to media reports, vivo's imaging research and development center has a very clear division. The imaging team in San Diego, USA mainly focuses on the platform ISP level; the imaging R&D team in Japan mainly focuses on the customization and optimization of optics, image sensors, lens modules, etc.; the imaging team in Hangzhou focuses on imaging algorithms; the imaging team in Xi’an is mainly responsible for mobile Debugging and development of imaging field and pre-research of some algorithms.

Vivo not only insists on independent innovation, but also cooperates with powerful third-party forces. For example, last year, Vivo reached a global strategic partnership with Zeiss, the century-old German optical master, and the two parties also jointly established the Vivo Zeiss Joint Imaging Laboratory and organized their respective technologies. Experts use their respective advantages in optics and algorithms to conduct joint research and development, and are committed to solving a series of technical bottlenecks in mobile imaging, leading the continuous innovation of imaging technology, and bringing the world's top mobile phone shooting experience to consumers around the world."

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