Monday, May 17, 2021

Image Sensors Find Use in Enterprise Data Centers

ID Quantique (IDQ) launches the Cerberis XG Quantum Key Distribution System, the first of a series, aiming at providing the highest level of trust to governments and enterprises for future proof data protection.

The Cerberis XG is controlled by IDQ’s latest image sensor-based random number generating IDQ20MC1 QRNG chip which provides proven randomness for all the related crypto storage. In contrast to conventional key distribution algorithms, QKD is the only known cryptographic technique which offers forward security, resilient to new attack algorithms and upcoming quantum computers. A significant advantage of QKD technology resides in the fact that its reliability is not impacted by technological advancements nor time.

Quantis QRNG IDQ20MC1 chip has the highest entropy throughput and can serve multiple security applications with true and unpredictable randomness. It can be easily embedded in computers, laptops, servers or any security devices. As the IDQ6MC1, it embeds DRBG postprocessing, compliant with NIST SP800-90 A/B/C recommendations.

Based on a technology concept and patent from IDQ, Quantis QRNG chips harness true quantum randomness from the shot noise of a light source captured by a CMOS image sensor.

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